Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by. I’m the guy who created Eerie Worlds, a one-man labor of love. I’m an archaeologist by training, and work in academia, so reading, writing and critical thinking are my daily bread and butter. But I’m not just an academic …

Eerie Worlds is the outcome of my life-long love for the weird and unexplained. It captures my fascination for questions like: why is it that we can’t explain certain phenomena, even though they seem to be real? What are the boundaries of our reality and what does science have to say about them? How can we investigate the strange and unexplained?

Sadly I (and many of my colleagues) work in an environment that actively discredits such questions. There are just certain things you’re not supposed to talk about in academia … be it out of fear for your job, reputation, private life, etc. Hence I created this website.

I think of Eerie Worlds as a cabinet of curiosities, designed for the information age. It features a fairly eclectic mix of resources that question the nature of reality.  From UFOs to ghosts and cryptozoology …  the list of topics seems endless. But that is the beauty of it. The richer and more diverse that collection of curiosities is, the more we need to think outside the box. And that is really what Eerie Worlds is all about: to encourage critical, creative and, above all, visionary ways of looking at the world(s) we live in.